Mary A. Converse is the Town of Hopkinton Historian. The Historian Office is located at 2893 State Highway 11B in the village of Hopkinton. Hours are by chance or by appointment. Phone 315-328-4681.

Archives include yearly scrapbooks from 1945 to date. Hopkinton history books which can be borrowed. Parishville-Hopkinton year books. Pictures of almost every building in the township. Hundreds of obituaries and much, much more.

All three of Hopkinton’s Cemeteries are on-line at This web site was started by and is maintained by Chuck Morgan of Norwood.

Hopkinton’s Historian is will to assist descendants of Hopkinton with their genealogy. If you do not live within driving distance, she will also take pictures locally of grave stones upon request to

Please feel free to contact Mary Converse, 2893 St. Hwy. 11B, Hopkinton, NY 12965 phone 315-328-4681 or by e-mail with your requests for information on Hopkinton, NY history.

The township of Hopkinton is the fifth town of the first ten towns in St. Lawrence Co. The first settlers came in 1802. The Township is located in the Southeast corner of St. Law. Co., in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It has an elevation of 1,273 feet. On the East side it borders Franklin County and on the south side it borders Piercefield. This last section of the township use to be referred to as the “south woods:.

Hopkinton is the second largest township in size in St. Law. Co., with 119, 680 acres of land or 187 square miles. According to the 2010 Census the population is 1, 077 residence which is an increase of 57 people since the 2000 Census

The Township consists of the villages of Hopkinton, Ft. Jackson and the east part of Nicholville. It has one central Town Board and Supervisor that governs the Township.

Until 1989, each village has its own Post Office. Now all three villages are under the 12965 zip code and the only Post Office is in Nicholville.

The Township has three school districts. Parishville-Hopkinton Central School, St. Lawrence Central School and St. Regis Central School. At one time there were 17 little schools in the township. Only three of these schools stand today. The recently restored “French Hill School” on the Wilson Road (built in 1932) (District #9), the Hopkinton Village school which was built in 1969 (District #2), is now the home to the Hopkinton-Ft. Jackson Fire Dept. and the third was Smith School on the Parishville Road (District #6) and is a private home today.

The Township has three cemeteries. The Hopkinton-Ft. Jackson Cemetery between the villages of Hopkinton and Ft. Jackson on County Road 49, the Holy Cross Cemetery on the Lake Ozonia Road and the Catherinesville Cemetery which is on the Catherinesville Road off the Santamont Road. All three cemeteries have been documented (and all new burials are added to these documentations). They may be found on-line at

The early years of Hopkinton are documented in the book “Hopkinton, the first hundred Years” by Carlton Sanford published in 1903. It tells of the early years of Hopkinton. The prominent people and a large section on genealogy of the early settlers and their families. Reprints are available to borrow or are for purchase through the Hopkinton Historian’s office. “Hopkinton, the Second Hundred Years” by Dale J. Burnett covers every piece of property in Hopkinton as well as present genealogy. This book maybe purchased through Dale Burnett or Amazon.

The Hopkinton Village Green is the center of Hopkinton and won the RVSP award through TAUNY. It is circled by Church Street and consists the Town Hall which was built in 1870, The Congregational Church which was built in 1892, the Town Offices and a library and museum which are in a house that was built in 1817 (which is the library) and a second section to the house which was added in 1834 and is the Historical Group Museum.

Most of the homes in the villages of Hopkinton and Ft. Jackson were built in the 1800’s. Many have sandstone foundations. Both yellow and red sandstone were mined in one of the four Hopkinton’s sandstone quarries. In 2010 the quarry with red sandstone has begun limited mining again.

Hopkinton has approximately 49 businesses. The three largest ones are, Norco Farms which incorporates acreage which was originally 32 farms, The Heifer Farm on Route 11B and NuMed in the village of Hopkinton, which employees about 80 people and they ship their products world wide.

Hopkinton is well known for its friendly citizens and community minded activities. Booklets of a self-guided car tour of the Historical parts of Hopkinton are available upon request from the Historian’s office. In the last ten years thousands of people come to the annual Summer Fest the third weekend in July. Music, games for kids, entertainment, tractor pulls and lawn mower races at no cost to our guests. Food can be purchased at a reasonable rate.